PanOptix - Bring Life Into Focus

Cataracts form gradually as our eyes get older, and 9 in 10 Americans develop them by the time they’re 65. The good news is that cataract surgery is one of the safest, most common, and most effective procedures performed today. The lens you choose matters, and at John-Kenyon, you have the opportunity to enhance your vision with the PanOptix® Trifocal Lens— the first and only trifocal lens available in the United States.

The PanOptix® Trifocal Lens is a type of multifocal IOL used to focus images clearly onto the back of your eye (retina) to allow clear vision after the cataract removal. In addition, the center of this lens allows for better near (reading) vision and intermediate (computer work) vision versus what a monofocal lens would provide.

While a monofocal lens can help you see far away, the PanOptix® Lens gives you a full range of vision, so that you can immerse in a full range of activities — all while relying less on glasses.

With this lens, you can:

  • Enhance your vision for clear, complete focus.
  • See effortlessly without blurry zones.
  • Discover brighter vivid colors.
  • Reduce your need to wear glasses.

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