Dr. Asim Piracha performs Kentucky’s first Raindrop Inlay Vision Procedure

Dr. Asim Piracha, a refractive specialist and the medical director at John-Kenyon, performed Kentucky’s first Raindrop Near Vision Inlay Procedure. The all-new procedure corrects near vision, or presbyopia, and can reduce or eliminate dependence on reading glasses.

The procedure can be a game-changer for those who need reading glasses to see their phone or read a newspaper, menu or computer screen. Approved by the FDA in June 2016, the Raindrop is the world’s first inlay to change the shape of the cornea (the clear, front part of the eye) to improve near vision and it is designed to help reduce or eliminate the need for reading glasses. The outpatient procedure takes about 10 minutes and patients return to most of their daily activities the next day.

Dr. Asim Piracha performed Kentucky’s first two procedures on May 11, 2017 and both patients are already experiencing the results.

“It was an extremely exciting day to not only perform the procedure but to see the reactions of our first two patients,” said Dr. Piracha. “For years, we’ve seen patients in their 40’s and 50’s who want to reap the benefits of LASIK but who are no longer candidates for it. These are active people who don’t want to constantly grab for, or look for, readers. We’re now able to offer an option for improved vision in a quick, relatively painless procedure.”

In the FDA clinical study, within one week after the procedure patients on average gained 5 lines of near vision on an eye chart without the need for reading glasses. Their vision continued to improve over the next several weeks and months.1

After extensive training and research, John-Kenyon is now performing the procedure on patients dealing with presbyopia. John-Kenyon has a history of being at the leading edge of ophthalmic technology. The practice’s founder, Maurice John, was the first in the United States to perform LASIK and was a pioneer of refractive surgery. Dr. Piracha was also the first in the region to perform All-Laser LASIK in 2003 and the practice was one of the first in the region to perform Laser Cataract Surgery.

Anyone struggling with near vision loss is encouraged to call John-Kenyon – 1.800.342.5393 –
to schedule an evaluation or can visit johnkenyon.com to learn more.

Both patients are available for interviews as well as Dr. Asim Piracha.