KAMRA Inlay®

John-Kenyon offers KAMRA Inlay to eligible patients with presbyopia. Presbyopia is the natural loss of near vision and the progression is dependent on the person. The KAMRA Inlay is ideal for patients who want to get rid of reading glasses or bifocals for their daily life.



About KAMRA:

The KAMRA Inlay sits in the first few layers of the eye, the cornea. The inlay is a mini-ring with an opening that allows only focused light to enter your eye. In the procedure, an inlay is placed in one of your eyes, which allows you to see up close, while maintaining your distance vision in both eyes. Together the eyes allow you to see near to far. The effect is unlike monovision, which corrects one eye for near and the other eye for distance.

Am I a Candidate?

You may be a candidate if:

  • You wear reading glasses
  • You experience blurry vision when reading or focusing on near objects
  • You’re in your 40s or 50s


  • Restores everyday vision so you can see everyday things like text messages and computer screens without the hassle of reading glasses
  • Provides a natural range of vision – from near to far
  • Offers long-term performance to help you enjoy clear near vision over the course of time


  • Recovery can vary based on the person
  • Quick outpatient procedure, LASER assisted, comfortable within hours of procedure
  • Typically, patients get back to regular activities within a few days

Hear from Our Patients

Kathy C. , LASIK

After becoming allergic to contact lens, Kathy decided to try LASIK. Only one day after her procedure and she already has 20/20 vision!

Hear from Our Patients

Phil B., LASIK

Phil was tired of constantly having to switch back and forth between glasses and contacts and was ready for a change. Thanks to LASIK at John-Kenyon, he’s now seeing 20/15!

Hear from Our Patients

Hannah F. , LASIK

Hannah is happy she does not have to worry about contacts and glasses! Thanks to LASIK she now has 20/20 vision.